The tsunami of 2004 was a national disaster which caused several damages to the physical infrastructure of many Islands in the Maldives. About one-third of the student population was affected one way or the other in this natural disaster and students of three major Islands were completely displaced. The construction of this school signifies the general contribution of both the Government of Singapore and the Red Cross Society of Singapore towards the reconstruction program put in place by the Government in its immediate response to provide swift relief to the areas devastated by the tsunami. In line with the Government's policy to provide access and equitable distribution of educational opportunities, this school will cater for the educational needs of the population of Hulhumale', an Island reclaimed by the government's massive efforts to ease the severe housing shortage and congestion prevailing in the capital city, Male'. Hulhumale' is also one of the Islands on which students, displaced by the tsunami, now settle and live.  


Ghaazee School

Ghaazee School is the second that is built on the island of Hulhumale’. The school is planned to be a single session school catering through grades one through ten, in which the Maldives National Curriculum will be followed. Accordingly, the final year, students will sit the Secondary School Certificate Examinations and the Cambridge Ordinary Level and IGCSE. The medium of instruction is English. The school was expected to begin at the start of 2018 Academic year and the enrolment then was about 600 students. However at its full capacity as a single session school, Ghaazee School can accommodate 900 students. Teaching and support staff will be recruited before each academic year begins with a priority being given to Maldivian nationals residing in Hulhumale’.

The school was a special funding from the Government of Singapore to the Maldivian people.

Al-Sultan Muhammed Thakurufaanu

This school is named after one of the greatest national heroes of the Maldives. Al-Sultan Muhammed Thakurufaanu, popularly known as Boduthakurufaanu, was the hero who drove way the Portuguese and re-established Islamic ruling in the Maldives in 1573 A.D. Boduthakurufaanu ruled the country for twelve years. He was a religious, wise and just ruler, much loved by his people. During his reign, which was noted for peace and prosperity throughout the country, he strengthen the administrative system of the Government. Noteworthy among these were the establishment of a permanent security force and the introduction of Dhigulaari (long coin). Local script (thaana) also has its beginning during this time. Al-Sultan Muhammed Thakurufaanu passed away on the first day of Ramazan 993 A.D.