The first set of parent meetings are conducted by the school, yesterday and today. Parents are welcomed by the management and class teachers in the main hall. Morning session parent meeting held on 16th January and afternoon session parent meeting on 17th January 2018. Meetings were held in the evening and a large audience were present at both meetings.

Session deputies welcomed the parents and introduced the grade leading teachers and activity in-charges for the year 2018. They also shared the school’s mission, vision, values and ultimate objectives of the school for the year ahead.

Principal Ms. Mariyam Mohamed welcomed all parents and gave a short and sweet inspirational speech of hope for parents. She thanked the work of teachers and parents in the previous years and requested the same or higher cooperation and support from all parents for the sustainability of school academics and infrastructure development. She also highlighted on the high motivation and technological capacity of the Leading Teachers, teachers and other staff of the school at regional and national level.

Meetings were separately conducted by class teachers and PTA representatives were elected for all classes for 2018.

Meetings were successful and were ended with words of hope from the school leaders.

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